Episode 044: Creating a Web Development Company in College with Ben Patterson

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Our Guest:
Ben Patterson is a 22 year old who graduated from Southwestern University. He had no idea what he wanted to do when he entered college so he majored in Business because he was always fond of starting a business and the startup culture of Silicon Valley. However, in the summer before his senior year of college he interned at a big electronics company and completely hated it! In that same summer him and his brother started a Web Development business, Outlyers,  because he saw everyone had the same cookie cutter website and knew with their skill set they could do things differently. Things took off from word of mouth and they got to a point where they knew they wanted to do this full time. They graduated and now support themselves full time with their business.
From starting off in college not knowing what to do with his career to graduating with a stable full time business, today we have our guest Ben Patterson.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Ben’s journey from where he started.
  • How he got interested in web development.
  • His web development company, Outlyers.
  • How he got into vlogging.
  • How he balanced everything in college.
    • Time management.
  • The relationship between entrepreneurship and sports.
  • Why it's important to have time to relax.
  • Where his company is going in the future.
Impactful Quotes from Ben:
“It was one of the worst but best experiences in my life.”
“I always told myself, whatever I learn whatever I accomplish in life I want to give back, give back for free.”
“I just wanted to give knowledge to people so they don’t make the same mistakes that I did.”
“I think Facebook is the place to be if you are a small business trying to market.”
“Everybody knows somebody that needs services.”
“We have to put the time in now to set a great foundation so when we graduate things will really be smooth for us.”
“Sacrifice now to get the benefits later.”
“If you play a sport you are just naturally competitive.”
“You start to lose that creativity and drive because you have no sleep.”
“You shouldn't feel guilty to relax just because you're an entrepreneur.”
Featured Quote:
“Sacrifice now to enjoy later.”
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