Episode 048: Editor, College Student, and Soon to be Business Owner with Kai Creswell

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Our Guest:
Kai Creswell is currently a sophomore at Iowa State University studying a major in Finance. He is the Fall-Iowa State Daily Special Sections Editor as well as the franchise manager at Ames College Pro. He is starting to spark on his entrepreneurship endeavors after attending the Young Entrepreneur Convention in April 2017, which pushed him to act on his ideas. He is currently working with his business partner to develop a way to change the hiring space for young professionals.
From starting off in college switching his major four times to beginning a business while he is in college, today we have our guest Kai Creswell.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Kai’s journey from where he started.
  • How he got interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Struggles he had to overcome while being in college.
  • The business that he is starting to create.
  • Developing your personal brand.
  • How he plans to balance creating a business and college.
Impactful Quotes from Kai:
“In high school I always had a business mind, I wanted to go into business but I didn't exactly know what entrepreneurship was.”
“A lot of people think entrepreneurship is just creating your own business but for me it's all about skill development and the mindset that you are in.”
“I’ve changed my major every single semester.”
“It’s hard to sustain that mentality when you have so much going on.”
“Invest my time and money into it and just take the risk.”
“We’re just trying to change that hiring space -- make finding jobs sexy again.”
“Nothings going to change if you feel sorry for yourself.”
“It really just comes down to how you manage your time.”
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