Episode 052: A Doer, A Problem Solver, A Fixer with Derreck Stratton

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Our Guest:
Derreck Stratton is a 31-year-old serial entrepreneur who has spent his life in the construction industry. Derreck has founded and co-founded six construction and demolition companies which have generated millions of dollars worth of revenue. As an Air Force Veteran who served a tour in Iraq, Derreck attributes his success in the construction industry to his strong sense of duty and service to others, alongside a desire to strengthen the American economy by helping those who wish to build it up.
Despite his zest for business, Derreck’s greatest love is being a father. Derreck is a proud father of three who will be celebrating his 5-year anniversary to his wife Anna this September. Derreck jokes that being a father is much like being an entrepreneur, as you must be a creative problem solver that has an unusually high tolerance for stress and a low requirement of sleep.
Derreck’s most recent business venture includes a Construction Mastermind course that will pave the way for a new generation of business owners in the 1.7 trillion dollar construction industry.
From starting off in the Air Force to switching gears and founding multiple construction companies generating millions of dollars, today we have our guest Derreck Stratton.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Derrecks’ journey from where he started.
  • How he got into the construction industry.
  • His journey through the Air Force.
  • The correlation between Air Force and entrepreneurship.
  • How he created and founded a million dollar company.
  • How to find your first client.
  • Scaling your business and finding the right team.
  • His main why in life.
  • Learning how to balance work life and family life.
  • Best advice to a 20 year old.
Impactful Quotes from Derreck:
“A lot of trial and error for about 6 to 7 years.”
“For the past three or four years we have done millions and millions dollars of work.”
“I don’t think entrepreneurship can be necessarily taught, it's just inside of you or it not.”
“People see life as a straight line but it's really like a scribble with an arrow pointing out the side of it.”
“I found a niche in Des Moines and I filled it.”
“From a very young age I knew I was going to go into the military.”
“I was struggling with the little bit amount of money that we made.”
“As a young entrepreneur-- there's no such thing as a work life balance, it's all out 24 hours a day.”
“I’m a doer, I’m a problem solver, I’m a fixer!”
“I went to 6 friends and we bootstrapped the project and everyone pretty much worked for free.”
“Patience is a huge virtue, that even today I still don’t really have.”
“Failure is a key part in the formula to success.”
Featured Quotes:
“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” -Zig Ziglar
“Out of everyone you come against, life is going to hit you the hardest.”
“Nine out of ten business fail, so I started ten.”
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