Episode 053: Don’t Waste Our Time!

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Time is the most valuable asset that you have. Many people don’t realize it is until they start running out of time to finish things or when people start taking advantage of your time.
Listen to this episode to hear about how people are taking advantage of Sabah and Dan’s time and why you should be aware of your time.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • How people keep canceling on Sabah and Dan.
  • Why time is so valuable.
  • How you shouldn’t ‘always’ be accessible to people.
  • Why you should respect other people's time no matter what.
  • Blocking out your time and scheduling your days.
  • Why you should always add value when contacting influencers.
  • Don’t waste others people time!
Impactful Quotes:
“I schedule out literally every second of every day.” -Sabah
“Like right now this time is actually supposed to be for that interview but instead we are going to record a couple shows and keep working towards our goals.” -Dan
“Its frustrating and upsetting when they flake for us because we blocked out our time to give attention to them.” -Sabah
“During my lunch breaks I am working on my business, making calls to clients.” -Dan
“There's 24 hours in a day and if you keep saying you don’t have time to you will never get to that one thing that you want to do.” -Sabah
“When I do help people I may sure the first question out of their mouth isn’t ‘How can you help me’.” -Dan
“Sometimes they start taking advantage of you, they want to pick your brain and talk to you.” -Sabah
Featured Quotes:
“It’s not about having time it’s about making time.”
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