Episode 054: From Half Dead & Homeless to a Top 2% Earner with Akbar Sheikh

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Our Guest:
Akbar Sheikh is a Two-Comma Club award winning expert entrepreneur that is creating sales funnels for his clients as he has made a 7 figure living off of this. Akbar shares his journey with us on how he came from a dark place of being homeless, not knowing what he wanted to do in life, to realizing that he could make a living through the internet and today's technology. Now he is helping others do the same with consulting and sharing his previous experiences.
From being homeless to now creating multiple successful 7 figure sales funnels and paving his own way, today we have our guest Akbar Sheikh.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Akbar’s journey from where he started.
  • How he graduated college and went through a dark phase.
    • Lived in a small room in the back of a building.
  • How he got into making money online.
  • How he sold his car to start his first online business.
  • Strategies he took to get his first couple of clients.
  • Why you should work atleast a year at a job out of college.
  • How he got into Clickfunnels.
    • How he got his first client.
  • Number one tip for Clickfunnel learners.
  • Do three activities everyday that grow your business.
Impactful Quotes from Akbar:
“I was actually living in the back of an office building, like the electrical room.”
“When I saw people doing it online I totally understood it all.”
“I decided that I can’t do this anymore, I couldn’t do retail anymore so I just got up and left.”
“The magic formula: test, tweak, and then scale.”
“I’m just going to make this work, I’m going to give it my all and there's no failure here.”
“I tried several times and I failed.”
“That’s what I would've done -- to give up, but my mindset had changed.”
“I thought, these guys are blind to the world out there and the potential of making money online.”
“The biggest mistake I made out of college was never having a job in my life.”
“Offer your service for free, get results, and then get more clients.”
Featured Quotes:
“Live a couple years like nobody else will so you can live the rest of your life like nobody else can.”
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