Episode 060: 15 Year Old Singer- Creating Music and a Message with Mia Rocks

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Episode 060
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Our Guest:
Born and raised in Virginia, Mia Rocks is a typical teenager who is wanting to change the world with her music. As comfortable writing and performing her music as she is hanging with her friends, her experience in grade school has impacted her view of the world. Regularly teased and bullied to the point that she begged to skip school, Mia made the conscious decision at a young age to embrace her individuality. Now she is a singer, songwriter and soldier, taking a stance against bullying with her lyrics, rhythms, and commitment to reaching teens and tweens struggling to find their place in the world. Mia also just launched her crowdfunding campaign that is helping her fund her first album.
From constantly being bullied in school to embracing her individuality and creating a movement through music, today we have our guest Mia Rocks.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Mia’s journey from where she started.
  • How she is creating a message with her music.
    • Antibullying.
  • A story that sparked her to make a stand.
  • When she realized she wanted to spread her message through music.
  • Her current project of crowdfunding her first album.
  • Her plans after graduating high school.
  • Where Mia see’s herself 5-10 years from now.
Impactful Quotes from Mia:
“A big theme to my music is antibullying.”
“One day I had the realization that I had to change myself to I could stop caring about the bullies.”
“After I tripped it was the most mortifying experience ever- the entire cafeteria was staring at me.”
“You know who you really are in the inside and the best parts about you.”
“This project is not for me it's for everyone out there who listens to my music.”
“People have gotten more mature and that bullying is not the right way to solve your problems.”
“Everyday I do Facebook Lives so people can see me as a real person- not an unattainable person.”
“My biggest goal is to spread my message of anti bullying as far as it will go to as many people as I can.”
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