Episode 061: Do That One Last Thing

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You may have that one last email, text, blog to get done, but do you do it?
Listen to this episode to hear about why Sabah and Dan always end the day strong by doing that one last thing that is on their to-do list.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Why Sabah and Dan always push themselves to do that one last thing.
  • How it teaches you discipline.
  • Sabah’s story about her blog.
  • How to push yourself to finish the day strong.
  • Why you should batch your work.
  • Never have regrets on not doing something.
Impactful Quotes:
“The day went by and I got even more busy -- but that didn’t stop me from publishing my blog at 8 o'clock at night.” -Sabah
“There are so many times that I think I am done for the day but really there's always a couple more things I have to get done.” -Dan
“I’ve done it every single week ever since I started so I just had to do it.” -Sabah
“Until night falls and you are in bed, the day is still going.” -Dan
“Blogs, Instagram posts, stuff like that is so small that anyone can really fit that into their schedule no matter how busy they are.” -Sabah
“It all comes back to that content creation, when you are building your brand.” -Dan
“That Monday was rare for me when I wrote my blog and put it out within 30 minutes.” -Sabah
“You shouldn’t be satisfied until you hit all of your goals for the day.” -Dan
“You don’t want to let your audience down if you don’t put out that blog or do that video that you’ve been doing.” -Sabah
Featured Quotes:
“I know it's hard. Just keep going anyway. You’ll thank yourself after 30 minutes.”
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