Episode 063: Tracking Your Progress

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We all love to see progress and how far we’ve come from starting something small to seeing it grow successfully.
Listen to this episode to hear about why Sabah and Dan always track their progress on everything they do and why you should be doing the same.
A few highlights of what you will hear:
  • Why Sabah and Dan always track their progress.
  • Why it's important to track it when wanting to become an influencer.
  • How to track your progress.
    • Google Analytics for websites.
    • Taking pictures.
    • Track using an excel sheet.
  • How small things add up to big results.
  • Why success drives you to keep going.
Impactful Quotes:
“People only see the end result of things and they don’t ever see the hard work that goes into it.” -Sabah
“It’s the make sure of doing the cold outreach but also doing your social media.” -Dan
“Every small little thing does add up.” -Sabah
“It may seem mediocre to do these small things but it's what you need to pay attention to, to make sales.” -Dan
“When you see the successes after doing months and months of work that just drives you to keep going.” -Sabah
“When you start out doing anything you have to remember that you will start out at the bottom level.” -Dan
“If you don’t measure how do you know if the things you are doing are converting for you?” -Sabah
“I did that by showing up everyday --  you constantly have to keep going.” -Dan
Featured Quotes:
“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
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