Episode 069: Focusing On Your Main Goal

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Listen to this episode to hear about how Sabah and Dan focus on one main goal that will help them for their future endeavors .


A few highlights of what you will hear:


  • Updates about Sabah and Dan.
  • Sabah’s experience at a mastermind.
  • How you need to connect with people on a business and personal level.
  • Sabah’s new journey of launching a t-shirt line.
  • How to choose the best opportunities to go with.


Impactful Quotes:


“This mastermind was a lot different than what I was actually expecting it to be.” -Sabah


“There's always so many shiny opportunities around you that it’s hard to focus on one thing.” -Dan


“I finally had that motivation and push to start doing it because I’ve been thinking about it for such a long time.” -Sabah


“That’s what builds relationships, building an actual connection with that person.” -Dan


“We were disconnected from wifi so we were forced to make that in person connection with the people that were there.” -Sabah


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