Episode 070: Balancing Your Life

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Listen to this episode to hear about how Sabah and Dan balance their life’s with school, work, while still making time to see their friends and family. .


A few highlights of what you will hear:


  • Sabah and Dan’s tips on how to balance life.
  • Different platforms to schedule out your day.
    • Planner
    • Google Calendars
    • Calendly
  • How to stay on task throughout the day.
    • 45 minute power sessions
    • Batching your work
  • How to make time for friends and family.
  • Why it’s important to step away from work.


Impactful Quotes:


“Write all of your due dates for assignments, goals, work in your planner so you don’t miss anything.” -Sabah


“Going to and from the train I schedule out calls with clients.” -Dan


“There are so many deadlines that you need to be aware of that you can easily forget about them.” -Sabah


“Making time for other people is something you need to schedule out otherwise you will miss time with them.” -Dan


“At the end of the day, they don’t see the hard work that goes into the success that we want.” -Sabah


“It is what it is, that’s what you have to do in the short term to have success in the long term.” -Dan


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