Episode 072: Onto A New Journey

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Listen to this episode to hear about how Sabah and Dan are focusing on their main career goals and how this podcast is coming to an end!


A few highlights of what you will hear:


  • Sabah and Dan’s future goals.
  • Focusing on what you are really passionate about.
  • Holding off on DRTOCR.
  • Change is always good.


Impactful Quotes:


“When something isn’t working out you need to pivot in order to keep succeeding.” -Dan


“I had an ABC 5 interview this morning and it was scary but also exciting!” -Sabah


“We want to dive into something head first and give it our all.” -Dan


“You need to focus on what you are really passionate about.” -Sabah


“It’s been really growing really fast so I am spending a lot of my time focusing on that.” -Dan


“Even though we are putting this on a pause, we have the skill set to continue doing something else in the podcast field in the future.” -Sabah


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